La Belle Sauvage (Book of Dust Series #1)

La Belle Sauvage (Book of Dust Series #1)

by Philip Pullman
4.6 10


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La Belle Sauvage (Book of Dust Series #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This book tells the story of how Lyra came to Jordan College. Several of the characters from His Dark Materials are present, but the protagonist is a young boy named Malcolm. He shows a courage and resourcefulness worthy of Lyra. Malcolm and a young girl named Alice rescue Lyra from a great flood and, through many trials and tribulations, bring her to Lord Asriel. The story ends with Asriel putting Lyra into the charge of the Master of Jordan. Malcolm and Alice are also left there, temporarily. In the background is the great struggle between The Magisterium and, for lack of a better description, The Resistance. I hope to learn more about Malcom and Alice in subsequent volumes. Note to Mr. Pullman: Hurry up!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I read the previous books about Lyra years ago and was excited to hear about this new series. I was not disappointed. Actually, I truly loved it. I think you will too.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Wonderful plotting, high adventure, complex characters, and endearing protagonists - what more could you possibly want in a great read?
Anonymous 20 days ago
Another Great book Love to read what happens next. I hope Philip Pullman writes the next one fast.
Anonymous 3 months ago
If you’re a fan of His Dark Materials, this won’t disappoint! Malcolm is like the coolest kid ever... he’s sweet and kind, but don’t mess with him! WONDERFUL book!!!
TheLiteraryPhoenix 4 months ago
La Belle Sauvage is not The Golden Compass, but it is quite enjoyable. Like many of the people reading this book, I have a history with Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. I read them growing up... over and over again... and Lyra and Will are a part of my heart. When La Belle Sauvage was announced as a prequel, I was a bit skeptical about the choice of setting, but immediately pre-ordered it because of course I was going to read this book... I've only been waiting about 20 years for it. If a reader is expecting for find Lyra and Pan back in all their glory, think again. THAT SAID, lets talk about Malcolm and Asta, because they're also delightful new characters. Mal isn't this big, brave child - he's the sort that simply does the things that need doing. The things he feels are right. This quality is so important to me in Lyra's character, and it was amazing to see it in Malcolm. These children are regular children who see a bad situation, are very careful, and do the right thing as best they can. Malcolm is good to his parents and kind to baby Lyra. He is helpful to the nuns when he visits them. He does what he needs to do, but he doesn't do it was a self-righteous flash and flare... something fairly rare in heroes. It's an awfully long book. This is not a complaint, necessarily... more of an observation. La Belle Sauvage comes in at nearly 500 pages, but most of that is just travel. There are little adventures along the way, and they are all interesting in their own right, but they are pointless. They do nothing to move along the plot - they merely distract the reader while we wait for the trio to reach their destination. There were sections when I found myself asking "Wait, what's going on? Who is this? Why do I care?" which is not particularly good. For as much as I liked Malcolm and grew to like Alice... I just felt like this book was really draggy and lacked the overall purpose that pulled you into The Golden Compass and the other books. Plot of The Golden Compass: stop the horrible people who are severing daemons! Plot of La Belle Sauvage: make sure Lyra stays safe. No wonder it's a bit draggy and underwhelming. It's fun and interesting, don't get me wrong, but I felt strongly that it didn't live up to the original series. It felt like a quite long sub-book, like the novellas Once Upon a Time in the North and Lyra's Oxford. Fans of His Dark Materials may be disappointed. I am not, by any means, saying that you should not read this book. You should. Malcolm is great, Alice is great, and baby Pan will make your heart melt into a puddle of goo. But you absolutely cannot go into this book expecting a brilliant revival of His Dark Materials. It doesn't happen. Not even a little. I think even the most open-minded readers will fall into this feeling as though it lacks something. I feel it's also interesting to know... the second book in the Book of Dust trilogy is called The Secret Commonwealth. It's not set after this one, so we'll never know what happened precisely with Oxford Street or The League of St. Alexander or Mal and Asta. It's set twenty years in the future, long after the events of all the currently published books in this world. This really further cements my feeling that this are extended novellas and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.
Aditi-ATWAMB 5 months ago
I remember the first time I picked up Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass. I was nine and staring at the shelves in my school library trying to figure out which ONE book I wanted to check out (it was a rule – only one book) when I stumbled upon the His Dark Materials trilogy. I don’t remember much else but I DO remember rushing back to the library the very next day for the second book in the trilogy because I had fallen in love. So, when I got an email from one of my FAVOURITE humans in the publishing industry, asking me to sign an NDA to get a coveted ARC of one of my most anticipated reads of the year, I jumped around with joy. I’ve taken almost a week to finish to finish La Belle Sauvage and I loved every second of reading it. Let me give you my thoughts: MY THOUGHTS: 1. I fell in love with Malcom, the main character in this book, by the time I had finished the second chapter. He was this PURE SOUL with an INQUISITIVE MIND and a HEART OF GOLD and I loved his story SO MUCH. 2. I also LOVED Malcom with Lyra. In La Belle Sauvage, Lyra is a mere infant, only a few months old and it shows you the story of Malcom’s connection with her and all about how Lyra ended up at Jordan College, which is where Golden Compass opens ten years later. 3. I should warn you that the pace of this book is slow. If you’ve read Philip Pullman’s previous works, you already know what I’m talking about, but just in case you haven’t, it’s always better to be prepared. 4. I loved how this book contained SO MANY CHARACTERS we’d seen in the His Dark Materials trilogy. I probably didn’t remember some of them (blame the memory of nine year old me) but the ones I did, I had FANGIRL moments over. It was AMAZING to see everyone before Lyra’s story and see the pieces of Lyra’s circumstances come to be. 5. I didn’t remember much about the workings of the Althieometer from when I read The Golden Compass, but the way it was explained in La Belle Sauvage was stunning. I felt like I was there, in the midst of the scholars that were talking about it and absorbed everything as best as I could. La Belle Sauvage brought back memories from ten years ago in a way that almost no book can. Reading it was a JOURNEY that I wouldn’t trade for anything. A beautiful new instalment into Philip Pullman’s breath-taking world that I HIGHLY recommend diving into.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Honestly worth the wait. I bought the book yesterday and have since read it twice. Malcolm is an exciting protagonist and the journey he goes through is exciting.
Anonymous 7 months ago
What a great book! As wonderful as the others. I love this prequel so much. I can't wait for the next one in this trilogy. Thank you Mr Pullman!
Anonymous 5 months ago