Introducing Arrow Academy

The finest in classic and world cinema, beautifully restored and presented in definitive editions.  The first wave of Arrow Academy titles includes Giuseppe Tornatore's loving homage to films, Cinema Paradiso.

Cinema Paradiso [B&N Exclusive Cover]
The Creeping Garden
Property Is No Longer A Theft
The Story of Sin
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Title: Last House on the Left Pre-Order Now
Director: Wes Craven
Title: Deep Red Pre-Order Now
Title: Killer Klowns from Outer Space Pre-Order Now
Director: Stephen Chiodo
Title: Sacha Guitry: Four Films 1936-1938 Pre-Order Now
Title: Two Thousand Maniacs! Pre-Order Now
Title: La Morte Ha Sorriso all'Assassino Pre-Order Now
Director: Joe D'Amato
Title: Pistol for Ringo/the Return of Ringo Pre-Order Now
Director: Duccio Tessari
Title: Sleeping Dogs Pre-Order Now
Director: Roger Donaldson
Title: Suzuki Seijun: Early Years 2 Pre-Order Now
Title: Bloodthirsty Trilogy Pre-Order Now
Title: Basket Case
Title: Cinema Paradiso [B&N Exclusive Cover]
Title: Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
Director: John de Bello
Title: Creepshow 2
Director: Michael Gornick
Title: Donnie Darko
Director: Richard Kelly
Title: Dead End Drive-In
Title: Immoral Tales
Title: Images
Director: Robert Altman
Title: Seijun Suzuki: Early Years 1
Title: Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno

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